Social Media Marketing

Well, that depends on the type of business you are, the goals you want to achieve and the profile of your customers. Once we know these factors, we can determine which platforms are right for your business. There are a lots of social channels to consider – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and SlideShare to name but a few of the most popular ones.

Some are a better fit for B2C channels, and others are better suited for the B2B marketplace. It’s a good idea not to spread yourself too thinly by creating too many social channels at the same time, especially if you don’t have adequate resources to deliver strategies for them all.

When it comes to goal setting, the world is your oyster. Are you looking for extra sales, or for quality leads to fill your sales pipeline? Is your primary purpose to drive high quality traffic to your website or to build a social community? Are you sharing content to improve SEO performance or to build long-term brand awareness?

Gaining good quality followers can be achieved via paid and organic means. It goes without saying that we can create and deliver strategies to grow follower numbers on all your social channels using both of these options. A mix of both approaches tends to deliver the best results. Paid activities to get you up and running with a credible follower volume, and organic to build steadily over a period f of time.

You will also need to create regular content to make sure your social media channels look as if they are alive. There’s nothing worse than a social feed that hasn’t been updated in months. We can create and post content on your behalf if you don’t have the resource to do so internally, and our studio is always on hand to deliver creative assets as and when required.