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It’s about having a meaningful vision and actionable values, alongside a host of other important factors that shape the character and personality of your business, which collectively build up an overall picture of your strategic brand proposition. This is the first part of the branding equation you need to sort out.

The second part of the equation is visual – and that’s what we mean by the creative brand proposition. This is the bit that most people think about when talking about corporate branding, but to be truly effective, it needs to be built on a robust strategic brand proposition.


In conjunction with a great marketing plan, a well-defined brand strategy is going to provide you with a huge advantage in your marketplace. If you’re committed to thriving in today’s challenging world, we’ll help to make it happen.


We start things off by generating a suitable name for their business (or for a product, service or event). Where a trading name is in place, as is most often the case, the next stage in the process is the creation of a logo and an overall design style, to demonstrate that the application of a consistent brand identity is possible across all your sales and marketing materials.

Of course, design is a subjective business. That’s why we always create a number of visual styles for you to choose from during the process – normally we create three different options. We will make sure you have the opportunity to add input every step of the way, so that you are absolutely onboard with how the overall brand is evolving.


A brand needs to represent the values and views of those who own or run it. It therefore has to be founded upon their standards and principles, their morals and ethics, and their beliefs and opinions.

An amalgamation of views does not mean a weak compromise, however, nor will it result in a lack of clarity – far from it, in fact. It is about focusing in on who you are, how you wish to be perceived, and where you want to go. It is about focusing in on all your best bits to create the best possible character and personality for your business.

What Our Clients Say

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David Gaarder, Director

LBM did a fantastic job on our branding package for us! They were hard working, had some great ideas and kept us in the loop with constant communication.

Just Wonderful!