The Chapel Medical Centre 

The Chapel Medical Centre has been established for around 10 years serving the community of Slough to provide excellent healthcare and meet the needs of each individual patient whilst continually striving to improve our service. 

The dedicated team of staff treat a wide range of healthcare issues, working together with other healthcare professionals to ensure all patients receive the most appropriate care.

It is their  vision to to provide holistic healthcare to all  patients & families living in the local community. 

Doctor Wearing a Tie

In early 2019, it became obvious that The Chapel needed to improve its  communication across all networks. That meant digestible, helpful articles that were easily understandable and sharable.

With inbound medical content, we all write so much content but the key is making sure it gets eyes! Of course, you need best practices for optimisation but those are getting more challenging so we chose to focus on increasing social media and SMS service subscriptions to make sure their content is being seen.

Increasing social media subscriptions by 722% and, over an 12-month period (Through Covid 19 lockdown) racking up over 507,300 impressions on  social media posts were major accomplishments. Though it flies in the face of  common long-tail keyword SEO advice, focusing on high-volume relevant keywords worked! 

Doctor High Five
Image by Hush Naidoo

LBM and CCG came together to work on:

  • Regular content creation. (across all platforms: GB, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • Increasing Surgery Registrations 

  • Increasing website traffic.

By creating and executing on a new posting strategy for The Chapel, the LBM team was able to increase registration subscriptions by 47% by January of 2021 and, over the following  6 month  period, racked up over 25,000 impressions  on the social media posts.

Having worked on many marketing initiatives over the past 3 years together, The Chapel Medical has experienced staggering growth. But it’s taken time, and The Chapel Medical Center  most recent campaign with the  Covid- 19 requirements has focused on furthering The Chapels marketing structure and engagement.

So how’d we do it? Well, it wasn’t magic, but it was pretty close. LBM focused the campaign on highly-searched keywords via GMB plus utilised researched #hashtags that would be used by the local community.