Narcology Pride is an online resource to support those experiencing the addiction of Narcissistic and toxic relationships.


Launched in 2021 it aims to be a network to support the Healing from emotional, physical and psychological abuse. Through a pragmatic and academic use of articles, survival stories from members, resource sharing and counselling service.


Narcology was seeking a way to better connect with their growing global audience. When we started working with the client in 2021, we conducted in-depth persona research, which has helped guide our content creation from the beginning.


This information continued to prove useful in our efforts to increase website traffic and brand awareness. Armed with a clear understanding of our audience, we were able to narrow down the audience who would see our advertising on Facebook/Instagram by identifying the correct mental health service for various kinds of survivors of abuse.


We were also able to exclude ads from areas of trauma that didn't apply to the ongoing campaigns to raise awareness of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which allowed us to get the best results out of the ad budget.

The Facebook ads presented useful content offers on topics such as Healing from Trauma and Spotting Toxicity .These ads were coupled with email marketing. social media posting and community drives via establish forums.

Results: “Facebook and Instagram advertising boosted existing Audience strategy to increase website traffic by 30% in one quarter” 

Image by Sydney Sims
  • Increase traffic to the website 

  • Increase Engagement in all digital assets 

  • Increase Followers on social media channels  

Key Results
  • 403,175% increase for social media impressions

  • 82200% increase in site sessions

  • 57400% Unique Visitors increase 

  • Increased the site Avg. Session Duration from 1m 22  to 8m 3s through researched article writing topics via posting data. 

  • Use Facebook and Instagram advertising to amplify content we created for Narcology Pride 

  • Refine the audience by identifying the correct services need for various kinds of trauma support and excluding ads from trauma survivors who are healing for other reasons than relationships and family connections

  • Produce weekly blogs on Mental Health 

  • Social Media  Posts across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Distribution of content into already established forums for trauma.