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360 Degree Marketing

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Marketing Services 

We create quality content to engage your demographic. Social Media posts that get shared, liked and commented on. Emails that get opened and paid adverts that convert to sales. 

We’ll run detailed audits of your competitors and surrounding industry to create innovative content ideas, using the latest industry tools to stay ahead of the pack. And, we’ll develop a bespoke content strategy which is focused around your business goal​

Each of our content marketing services is tailored to you. So whether you’re looking for blog posts and other copywriting services, brand management or an interactive campaign, LBM has the expertise to deliver.

Contact us today for more details on how to break the status quo and transform your content into something incredible. 


Are you are a start up or an established business? Maybe a business looking to relaunch your online store or just looking to enhance what you have already got set up!?  Wherever you are on your business journey you will need marketing support. LBM offers curated and bespoke services that will support the growth of your business. 

Marketing is based on data and brought to life with creativity and innovation. They are the foundation for the most successful marketing campaigns, ensuring that all marketing efforts are cohesive, suitable for your target audience and their changing, evolving needs. Our forward-thinking digital  agency provides ongoing consultations as part of all our packages.


Financial Data
Creative Work


Website development and design isn’t just about the way your page looks to a potential customer. It’s about building trust and encouraging conversions or goal completions, whatever they look like for your company.  


We’re an end to end marketing and web development agency. We give your website direction, develop the platform and deliver results. Our team of experts in all areas of digital are able to consult on everything from the design, conversion rate optimisation to the structure of the website. Our experience in all industries means that we can help you understand what your target audience needs in order to transform from traffic into transactions and then into loyal brand advocates.