6 Roles of Social Media in Organisations

Brands that have high-quality products and services, and top-notch service and user experiences don’t just attract new customers. They keep their existing customers. To learn how they do it (and how your brand can do it too), consider these 6 methods to attract your desired audience.

1: Boosting Brand Awareness

They are huge, profitable brands that spend millions on marketing. They are easily recognised even with just their brand logos such as the golden arches of McDonalds to Shell of Shell oil . Small businesses also need brand awareness along with its benefits even if they won’t necessarily reach the scale of large corporations. Social media is a low cost (even free) Brand Awareness tool for them.

2: Increasing Inbound Traffic

With 56.8% of people in the world using Social Media a company has a fantastic opportunity to reach out to their desired audience on the various platforms, depending on the demographic required. Using onsite content such as blogs or PPC a business can drive traffic from the social media accounts back to the various landing pages.

3: Improving SEO Metrics

While social media can’t directly influence SEO rankings, it can impact factors that affect your rankings. Social media sites such as GMB are capable of driving traffic to a site or just by sharing links to a page on the company social media pages, all these actions can drive more traffic to a landing page.

4: Increasing Conversion Rates

According to Statista, about 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide in 2020. This number is projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025. A study by Bizrate Insights found that 92% of online consumers look at a product review before making a purchase.

Reviews work as Social proof, this ‘proof’ has a profound effect on people’s buying decisions. This is because most people like to consume in herds and tend to conform to the actions of others believing that those actions reflect correct behaviour. Black Friday comes to mind when I think of the consumer herd mentality.

#5: Leveraging Highly Targeted Social Media Advertising

PPC benefits all businesses. It enables them to ‘growth hack’ their online businesses fast in a controlled and profitable manner.

#6: Enhancing Brand Loyalty

Identity and tribalism, Novelty and positive reinforcement a company can use social to connect with their customers, building a strong sense of community and belonging, think Apple.

# Round Up

Potential customers are all over social media and can feel plentiful with the right social media campaign, but who of them is really helping you grow? Identifying those that will be loyal during our highs and lows need will enable you as a business to treat them with extra care. Of course, every customer deserves your attention, but investing in those promising a long term loyalty must inevitably be put in the priority list.

Apart from the above mentioned points, being warm, addressing customers by their name and being approachable are a few more things that work in obvious ways to increase customer loyalty. Customers remember how conversations start and end with an organisation. So it is only wise that we do not take them for granted and rub them the wrong way. Make things more direct and easy. Loyalty and word of mouth referrals will automatically follow.

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