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Updated: Jul 27, 2021

In the midst of a pandemic you need to adjust marketing campaigns and scheduled content timelines. Always keep your content relative to your customer. The biggest mistake any business can make right now, is to not to go full digital on their campaigns and make the most of this captive audience.

Your first step should be to audit what you have currently running or in your pipeline, especially any pre-scheduled content where launch is imminent. If you haven't already start deciding what should be paused or binned immediately. Push timelines back on major campaigns that will likely be eclipsed, or pause entirely if you’re not sure if the content is appropriate. Just because a campaign has some elements that aren’t appropriate right now doesn’t mean it needs to be scrapped altogether i.e content that isn't relative to your clients lockdown situation.

Consider what to prioritise or pivot or look for ways to successfully pivot some messaging. For example, a campaign on the theme of “Meet your customers” can pivot to “Find out your customers needs” or “Why your customers needs matter.” Audit your campaign visuals as well so that they represent your customers current lifestyles i.e remove group photos and images of people socialising and replace with images in the home.

If you run a hospitality business or one that had to shut for the lockdown, consider offering tips and updates to your customers to keep connected to them. Hairdressers for example can do tutorials on cutting your hair at home and restaurants can do cookery videos on how to cook your favourite dish at home! All of this content keeps you connected to your customers, and post-lockdown probably even more loyal to your brand. You have a real opportunity to really connect to your customers over the new few weeks or maybe even months.

The good news is that this content break may give you an advantage once things resume as usual. For now, you can start to prepare for the “next” cultural moment (post-lockdown) and determine what content will be most relevant and impactful then. What will people do as soon as life returns to normal? How can you place your business in the hot spot of this activity?

You should also keep an eye on the lockdown advertisements in your geographic business areas, as every region is on a different timeline, so you can be proactive in your communication once things get back to normal.

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